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New Frontiers Public Schools, Inc. Job posting 62227
138 Fair Avenue, SAN ANTONIO, Texas, 78223 Job posted as of Jun 16, 2020 until Until Filled
Job Title
ECHS Math Teacher
District Name
New Frontiers Public Schools, Inc.
Posted on
Jun 16, 2020
Expiry Date
Until Filled
Job Description

Primary Role and Purpose

Provide students with appropriate educational activities and experiences that will enable them to fulfill their potential for intellectual, emotional, physical, and social growth. Teach math subjects to high school students and to those who have passed the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment. Assist students in their learning process by utilizing all appropriate resources, materials, facilities, and educational technologies available to complement the teaching and learning process. Assist students to develop the skills necessary to graduate with significant college credit and to ultimately be a productive member of society.



·         Texas Certified Teacher - must be certified to teach high school math



·         Bachelor's Degree in Education or Math


·         Understanding of subjects assigned

·         Working knowledge of curriculum and instruction

·         Capable of instructing students and managing their behavior

·         Exceptional organizational, communication and interpersonal skills



·         At least 2 years of certified teaching experience

·         Experience with teaching high school students as well as experience teaching algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and /or statistics is desired


Responsibilities and Duties

Instructional Strategies

·         Provides instruction within a collaborative, multi-disciplinary framework to teach academic content that includes higher level critical thinking skills and current research methods

·         Maintain records of student attendance and grades according to the school’s policy

·         Design, write, and use lesson plans that conform to the Charter’s curriculum. Ensure written plans are available for review

·         Ensure lesson plans show modifications for differences in student learning styles

·         Teach instructional subjects according to guidelines established by Texas Education Agency, Charter polices and administrative regulations

·         Implement appropriate instructional and learning strategies, activities, materials, and equipment to ensure comprehension of learning styles and student needs

·         Design instructional activities by using data from student learning style assessments

·         Collaborate with special education teachers on student Individual Education Plans to ensure all modifications are met

·         Collaborate with staff to determine charter requirements for instructional goals, objectives, and methods

Growth and Development

·         Help students assess and enhance their study methods and habits

·         Produce formal and informal testing to evaluate student success

·         Coordinate and manage extracurricular duties as assigned. Sponsor outside activities approved by the school principal

·         Serve as an example for students

·         Support mission of Charter


Classroom Management and Organization

·         Prepare classroom to enhance learning and to aid in physical, social, and emotional development of students

·         Control student behavior in agreement with the student handbook

·         Ensure necessary and reasonable measures are taken to protect students, equipment, materials and facilities

·         Provide input on book, equipment, and material selection



·         Establish communication rapport with parents, students, principals, and teachers through conferences

·         Create and maintain a professional relationship with colleagues, students, parents, and community members

·         Present information accurately through clear communication skills



·         Enrich job skills through professional development activities



·         Keep up to date on and abide by state and charter regulations and policies for classroom teachers

·         Gather, manage, and file all reports, records, and other documents required

·         Be active in faculty meetings and assist in staff committees as necessary

·         Other duties may be assigned


Supervisory Responsibilities

·         Oversee assigned teacher aide if applicable


Additional Job-Related Duties

·         Maintain control in stressful situations

·         Must be punctual and maintain an excellent attendance record

·         Extended hours may be required

·         Some lifting may be required

·         Member of at least one campus/district level committee

·         Attend Parent and Teacher Organization (PTO) and Board meetings as a grade level represented – as directed


Primary roles and major responsibilities are listed. Additional duties and skills may be required for each job.

Additional Information
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