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New Frontiers Public Schools, Inc. Job posting 62095
138 Fair Avenue, SAN ANTONIO, Texas, 78223 Job posted as of Feb 19, 2020 until Until Filled
Job Title
Instructional Assistant - ACA
District Name
New Frontiers Public Schools, Inc.
Posted on
Feb 19, 2020
Expiry Date
Until Filled
Job Description

Primary Role and Purpose:

Assist the assigned Teacher with class, assist in the academic lab, and assist the school nurse by managing routine record keeping activities, handling minor first aid care, and running health screenings at the charter. Other duties and responsibilities may be required as delegated by the School Principal.


Qualifications/ Education Required:

·        High School Diploma

·        Highly Qualified Paraprofessional Certification

·        Associates Degree – Preferred



·        Ability to render basic first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

·        Exceptional organizational, communication and interpersonal skills

·        Skilled at keyboarding and filing maintenance

·        Capable of using personal computer and software to develop databases and do word processing



·        Minimum of 3 years – preferred


Responsibilities and Duties:

·        Assist in the area assigned with instructional and learning strategies, activities, and materials to the student needs

·        Lunch duty

·        Morning and afternoon school duty which consist of monitoring the students as they are dropped off and picked up from the front and side of the school


PE Services

·        Be able to withstand long hours of standing, walking, running and other physical activities as needed to educate and supervise students


Health Services

·        Engage in minor and emergency care for ill and injured students as directed by school nurse

·        Administer medication to students according to charter policy and procedures; ensure a precise log of medication that is dispensed

·        Help administer screening to include measuring height and weight, testing vision and hearing, and examining spinal cord and scalp

·        Escort students in and out of health room and provide necessary assistance to students with disabilities

·        Use Universal Precautions Procedures when cleaning all body spills and tending to open wounds

·        Ensure sanitation and cleanliness of nurse’s office




·        Keep students health records up to date

·        Gather, manage and file all hardcopy and computerized reports, records and other documents required, including accurate, updated health records on all students

·        Compile all correspondence, reports, and records using a personal computer

·        Arrange schedule and appointments of the school nurse

·        Compile accurate daily log of health office activities, including reportable accidents, communicable disease data and referrals to the school nurse

·        Maintain thorough request and clinic supply inventory

·        Design and construct bulletin boards, displays, models, etc



·        Abide by policies established by federal and state laws that apply to charter schools, Texas Department of Health rules that apply to charter schools, Commissioner’s Rules that apply to charter schools and charter policy in health services area

·        Abide by all charter routines and regulations

·        Ensure confidentiality



·        Establish communication rapport with parents, students, principals and teachers through conferences

·        Create and maintain a professional relationship with colleagues, students, parents and community members

·        Present information accurately through clear communication skills



·        Enrich job skills through professional development activities



·        Keep up-to-date on and abide by state and charter regulations

·        Gather, manage and file all reports, records and other documents required

·        Be active in faculty meetings and assist in staff committees as necessary


Supervisory Responsibilities:



Additional Job-Related Duties:

·         Maintain control in stressful situations

·         Extended hours may be required

·         Some lifting may be required

·         Attend Parent and Teacher Organization (PTO) and Board meetings as a grade level representative – as directed. 

All primary roles and major responsibilities are listed.  Additional duties and skills may be required for each job.

Additional Information
Hourly Rate: Starts at $13.00