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ADAMS 12 FIVE STAR SCHOOLS Job posting 59855
1500 EAST 128TH AVE, THORNTON, Colorado, 80241 Job posted as of Jul 18, 2019 until Until Filled

Located just seven miles north of downtown Denver, Adams 12 Five Star Schools is close to the conveniences of a major city center yet far enough to offer the quiet of the suburbs. The five stars represent the five unique communities the district serves: Broomfield, Federal Heights, Northglenn, Thornton and Westminster.  

The District shall not discriminate in its employment or hiring practices on the basis of race, color,sex, age, religion, creed, national origin, ancestry, genetic information, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or other basis prohibited by applicable law. The District is committed to cultural diversity among district personnel as a means of enriching the educational experience. The District shall identify, solicit, and consider applicants for employment from a broad spectrum of qualified individuals who will contribute to that effort.

Job Title
Teacher-Instructional Technology--.5
Hours Per Week
Months Per Year
District Name
School / Location Name
12401 PERRY ST, BROOMFIELD, Colorado, 800205329
Posted on
Jul 18, 2019
Expiry Date
Until Filled
Job Description
NECESSARY SKILLS AND BACKGROUND: Possess or ability to obtain valid/appropriate Colorado Educator License. Willingness to contribute to cultural diversity for educational enrichment. All candidates must possess the required license or the ability to fulfill the requirements for the No Child Left Behind Act of 2002.

Preference given to candidates with ELL Training and/or an ESL or (LDE) Linguistically Diverse Education Endorsement.


-          The salary listed is for full time positions (1.0 FTE).  This salary will be adjusted, as needed, based upon the FTE. 

-          The salary grade posted is the starting salary range for Bachelor’s Step 1.  Salary for position may vary based on education and experience.

-          Salary placement on our Certified Salary schedule is dependent on the employees’ education and/or work experience.  Initial placement will be at bachelor (BA) step 1.  If minimum qualifications are higher than a (BA), they will be placed at the initial requirement level for this position.

-          After initial placement by the district on the salary schedule, the certified/licensed employee can provide the district additional official transcripts and/or documentation to support further salary advancement.

-          Certified/licensed employees will be granted one (1) year for each full year of contractual and/or work experience up to a maximum of 10 (ten) years, which includes in-district and out-of-district contractual teaching and/or work experience. Responsibility for verification of outside experience shall rest with the individual employee.

-          For further explanation of salary placement please refer to our Certified Master agreement that can be found on our district website. 



All applicants (current district employees and external applicants) should list any and all work experience, including current district experience, when completing the employment application.  Please include job titles and duties that you held while doing that job.  If you attach a resume, please take the time to fill out the online application as well.  Since the Human Resource department uses the application to screen for minimum qualifications required for each job, it is important to have a complete application so you will be considered for the position you are applying for.



Additional Information

Dear candidate,

After applying for this position, please submit a 10-15 minute video of you delivering whole group instruction. Please be sure to include a transition (whole group to small group, desks to rug, lining up, passing out materials, etc.)  Email your teaching video to peggy.h.heath@adams12.org.
Thank you and best wishes,
Peggy Heath
Mountain View Elementary
This is a 20 hours per week, 9 months per year, regular position.
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