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New Frontiers Public Schools, Inc. Job posting 53614
4018 South Presa, SAN ANTONIO, Texas, 78223 Job posted as of Jun 26, 2018 until Until Filled
Job Title
Special Populations Coordinator
District Name
New Frontiers Public Schools, Inc.
Posted on
Jun 26, 2018
Expiry Date
Until Filled
Job Description

Primary Role and Purpose:

The Special Populations Coordinator is the manager of day to day instruction, students, and operations of students who receive services from special programs.  Under the supervision of the Principals, he/she has the authority to conduct observations, investigations, and walk-throughs to ensure proper and adequate academic instruction and interactions are occurring to promote and encourage success in our special population’s students through the instruction of our special education and ESL teachers for the District.

Any concerns he/she may have with instruction, performance, interactions or curriculum along with any other observations that should warrant failure by a teacher or instructional assistant to educate the students as stated in policies and procedures will be reported to the director and further actions will be taken to investigate the concern.  The Special Populations Coordinator will be responsible for evaluations of special education services, as well as ensure learning, physical and mental well-being and safety for all students.

Responsibilities and Duties for the District:

·     Coordinate initial evaluation for Special Education services following the RtI process

o   Ensure SPED evaluation timelines are met

o   Maintain student data and other records in compliance with SPED policies and submit required reports.

 ·     Coordinates 504 Programs for the District

o   Monitors compliance with 504 services

o   Oversees 504 Meetings with parents and staff

o   Monitors appropriate implementation of the 504 plan for individual students

o   Review SPED and 504 folders for compliance

 ·     Oversees English as a Second Language (ESL) Program

o   Monitors compliance and implementation of ESL

 ·     Oversees District Special Education Teachers and Compliance

o   Assist in the planning and implementation of special education services

o   Provide faculty in-services on special education items/issues

o   Coordinates with other professional staff in the diagnosis of learning disorders, development of planned acceleration and evaluation of student progress

 ·     Oversee Case Manager’s implementation of students ARD with general education staff

o   Attend District ARDs as assigned

 ·     Knowledge of learning disorders and assists with placements for students with special needs

·     Evaluate Student Progress

·     Oversee Case Manager’s preparation for the development of individual students education plans in consultation with parents and IEP team members

·     Oversee Case Manager’s roles and responsibilities are in compliance according to District expectations.

·     Design instruction, both individual and small group, which parallels the general education curriculum

·     Monitors student progress, participates in review and revision of IEP, as appropriate

·     Articulate curriculum between and among student levels

·     Manage classroom organization and management

·     Perform other duties as assigned

·     Assistant to Campus Test Administrator

 Growth and Development

·       Help teachers understand Special Education rules mandated by TEA/IDEA.

·       Helps teachers understand and implement 504 plans for individual students

·       Coordinate and manage extracurricular duties as assigned

·       Sponsor outside activities approved by the school principal

·       Serve as an example for students

·       Support mission of Charter


·       Establish communication rapport with parents, students, principals and teachers through conferences

·       Create and maintain a professional relationship with colleagues, students, parents and community members

·       Ability to interact with students, parents, staff, and community

·       Present information accurately through clear communication skills


·       Enrich job skills through professional development activities

·      Must have the ability to be flexible and receptive to change


·       Keep up-to-date on and abide by state and charter regulations and policies for classroom teachers

·       Gather, manage and file all reports, records and other documents required

·       Be active in faculty meeting and assist in staff committees as necessary


Supervisory Responsibilities:

            Provide feedback to the administrator regarding special education teacher performance/compliance


Additional Job-Related Duties:

·       Maintain control in stressful situations

·       Extended hours may be required

·       Travel is required

·       Some lifting may be required

·       Member of at least one campus/district level committee

·       Attend Parent and Teacher Organization (PTO) and Board meetings as a grade level representative – as directed

Additional Information
SPED Certificate EC-12 (TX)
ESL EC-12 Certificate
504 Experience
Masters Degree - Education/Counseling - Preferred
210 - 234 Day Employee - Exempt $55,000 - $65,000 max
3 yrs + Experience in SPED - Mandatory for this position