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New Frontiers Public Schools, Inc. Job posting 48987
4018 South Presa, SAN ANTONIO, Texas, 78223 Job posted as of Apr 30, 2018,12:01 AM CST until Jun 30, 2018,11:59 PM CST
Mission:  New Frontiers Public Schools are dedicated to educating and growing our students and their character.  By compassionately reaching out to people in our own community, we give students a sense of pride and purpose, inspiring them to become tomorrow's leaders.

Vision:  To be the school of choice in the minds of the people in our community and those that extend beyond it.  To be recognized by the city at large as the institution that cares just as much about enriching the community as providing educational excellence to our students.

Job Title
Executive Dir of Curriculum
District Name
New Frontiers Public Schools, Inc.
Posted on
Apr 30, 2018,12:01 AM CST
Expiry Date
Jun 30, 2018,11:59 PM CST
Job Description

Primary Role and Purpose

Under the supervision of the CEO/Superintendent, the Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction will be responsible for providing supervision and leadership to the campus administration by developing, achieving, maintaining and improving educational programs and services. Will serve as the liaison between district and campus.



·        Master’s degree in Education Administration or Master’s in related Curriculum & Instruction

·        Administrative certification Required - TEXAS


·        Knowledge of curriculum and instruction

·        Ability to evaluate instructional programs and teaching effectiveness

·        Ability to oversee and monitor budget and campus personnel

·        Ability to implement policy and procedures

·        Ability to interpret and analyze data

·        Strong oral/written communications and strong interpersonal skills

·        Ability to create and present presentations to the board of trustees


·   Minimum of 5 years of experience related to Administration and/or curriculum and instructional experience

·     Minimum of 5 years of teaching experience

Instructional and Program Management

·        Will serve as the liaison to campus in the school improvement process

·        Direct instructional and curriculum services to meet students’ needs and remove barriers that may hinder the school improvement process

·        Responsible for the effective and efficient operation of the Curriculum and Instruction Department, which includes curriculum and professional development

·        Plan, implement, and evaluate instructional programs with teachers and principals, including learning objectives, instructional strategies, and assessment techniques to ensure the campus is provided operational flexibility

·        Ensure effective implementation of all components of the school improvement process

·        Apply research and data to improve the content, sequence, and outcomes of the teaching-learning process

·        Work with campus administration to develop, maintain, and revise curriculum documents based on systematic review and analysis

·        Coordinate instructional staff in evaluating and selecting instructional materials to meet student learning needs

·        Ensure the use of technology in the teaching-learning process

·        Coordinate the necessary time, resources, and materials to support accomplishment of education goals

·        Ensure that district goals and objectives are developed using collaborative processes and problem-solving techniques when appropriate

·        Participate in the district-level decision-making process to establish and review the district’s goals and objectives and major classroom instructional programs of the district and monitor the progress of improvement plans

·        Actively support the efforts of others to achieve district goals and objectives and campus performance objectives (academic excellence indicators)

·        Obtain and use evaluative findings (including student achievement data) to examine curriculum and instruction program effectiveness

·        Secure consultants, specialists, and other community resources to assist principals and  instructional staff in attaining objectives

·        Provide effective staff development activities that incorporate the mission of the district, program evaluation outcomes, and input from teachers and others

·        Evaluate and provide leadership to the campus administration for the overall instructional program of the district

·        Oversight of District implementation for special programs and federal programs

o   Oversee the curriculum for the ESL Dual Language instruction

o   Oversee the curriculum and delivery of instruction for all special programs

·        Serve as the District Testing Coordinator

Policy, Reports, and Law

·      Implement the policies established by federal and state law, State Board of Education rule, and local board policy in curriculum and instruction area

·   Compile, maintain, and present all physical and computerized reports, records, and other documents required


·        Administer the curriculum and instruction budget and ensure that programs are cost effective and funds are managed prudently

·        Compile a needs assessment and cost estimates based on documented program needs

·   Assist Human Resources with recruitment, training of personnel, make recommendations relative to personnel placement, assignment, retention, discipline, and dismissal


·        Ensure two-way communication with principals, teachers, staff, parents, and community is maintained

·        Demonstrate skill in conflict resolution with administrators, parents, teachers, staff, and community

·        Monitor professional research and disseminate ideas to district and campus personnel

Community Relations

·        Articulate the district’s mission, instructional philosophy, and curriculum implementation strategies to the community and solicit its support in realizing district’s mission   

·        Create awareness of district-community needs and initiate activities to meet those needs

·        Create use of appropriate and effective techniques to encourage community and parent involvement

 Supervisory Responsibilities

·        Oversee the performance evaluations of school principals

·        Assist with designated teacher appraisal system

·        Oversee the compliance of curriculum and instruction programs for district (state and federal)

·        Oversee of Textbooks


·        Enrich job skills through professional development activities

·        Minimum knowledge of competitive grant awareness

·        Attend off campus workshops and conferences

Additional Job Related Duties

·        Gather, manage and file all reports, records and other documents required

·        Serve as the District’s spoke person for curriculum and instruction

·        Be active in faculty meetings and assist in staff committees

·        Maintain control in stressful situations

·        Must be punctual and maintain an excellent attendance record

·        Extended hours may be required

Additional Information
Starting $90K
Full-time - 234 employee
Start date: June