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School District of Waukesha Job posting 47464
222 MAPLE AVE, WAUKESHA, Wisconsin, 53186 Job posted as of Jan 03, 2018 until Until Filled

The School District of Waukesha has been transformed over the last decade. We have moved from a traditional district to one with a variety of specialized offerings for students and staff.

There are thousands of students in the district, and each has individual needs, interests and, ultimately, career ambitions. The challenge is reaching them all, yet providing the targeted curriculum that is necessary to engage and prepare them for the future.

It’s a tough task, and innovation is required. This led us to create the charter schools, magnet schools, and academies.

These programs provide curriculum and an environment to connect with virtually every student. Page through this brochure and you will see the broad range of experiences we offer. Programs are available for:

•  Those who favor science over the arts, and those who favor the arts over science.

•  Native Spanish speakers, and native English speakers, too.

•  Those who prefer an environment of collaboration, and those who prefer to work online – and on their schedule.

•  The youngest, with the Early Learning Program, all the way to high school seniors who want to make a seamless transition into college or have a great start in the workplace.

While most of these programs are only a few years old, they follow in the footsteps of our longest running academy that opened in 2000; they are all displaying rapid interest, growth, and student success.

In addition to our growth in student programming, we also offer an extensive listing of professional development for staff members.  The goal of our professional development program is to continuously improve the practice of our educators, so the learning of our students is enhanced. Our professional development options are developed to align with district priorities and are connected to school and student SLOs.  Courses are scheduled to provide access for educators to continue learning and allow for application in their respective classrooms.  

We will continue to develop new programs for both our students and staff.  It is part of our commitment to never be satisfied with what is, but to always ask what can be.

Job Title
Dual Lang-Spanish Elementary School Teachers 2018-19
District Name
School District of Waukesha
School / Location Name
Many Schools
Certification(s)/Licensure(s) required
Teaching License - Elementary Education - 1088 EC - MC
Supplementary Teacher - Bilingual-Bicultural Education
Posted on
Jan 03, 2018
Expiry Date
Until Filled
Job Description
School District of Waukesha is proud to invite applications from  talented Bilingual and 
Biliterate teaching professionals to staff our 90:10 Dual Language Program.  We are currently 
searching for skilled teachers of all Elementary content areas.   Do you TEACH FOR BILITERACY? If you want to work in a dynamic, learner centered culture, we may be the fit you are looking for.
Thank you very much for your interest in joining our team.

Additional Information
Candidates who have near native fluency and literacy in the Spanish language, believe in and promote lifelong bilingualism and biliteracy, value and engage families and who want to innovate effective uses of technology and personalized learning are highly sought.  Innovation and teacher leadership are highly valued in the School District of Waukesha.